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Dream Maker Racing horse racing partnerships give owners the opportunity to get into the thoroughbred horse racing business with the benefits of minimum risk, maximum purchase power, and the advantages of experienced management. Our partnerships offer the comfort and safety of risk shared equally among a group of investors. The pooled assets of our partnership maximize our ability to purchase high-quality horses that might be un-affordable to a solitary investor.

our team

With more than half a century of experience in the business of horse racing, partnerships, and a keen eye on the future, the team of Dream Maker Racing professionals is prepared to make your experience with partnerships in thoroughbred horse racing entertaining, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Our approach is built upon the basic idea that success is the result of carefully formulating a solid and sound plan and sticking to it!

Our team is backed by a roster of journeyman trainers with proven track records in the racing industry. This select group of accomplished trainers not only adds to the excitement of our racing achievements, but adds value to our partnership ventures.

Dream Factory

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