This last race was a nail biter. Khaleesi Kat broke sharp, collected herself getting into a very nice long striding rhythm going down the back side. She had no traffic, but the early fractions were, as we say in the business, pedestrian. As in SLOW. That doesn't help a closer and it certainly didn't help us. At the top of the stretch Khaleesi Kat veered out and launched her bid and started gobbling up the race track. Here she comes bounding down the lane with a nice burst of speed and forward momentum and wouldn't you know it the wire gets here before she does. As you can see in the picture above, she go beat for the whole enchilada by 1/2 a length and was part of a 4 horse photo. She ran her race and just couldn't get there. Khaleesi Kat was free running in a spot that made her feel comfortable but at the end of the race ran out of room. She really needs to probably go longer but unfortunately they don't write races at a distance like that any more and if they do those races don't fill. It's a quandary that we will try and rectify, but it's a tough one. Like her mother, Nehantic Kat she can run all day and can wear anybody out over a distance of ground but it's getting the distance of ground to run on which is the problem. In three weeks she will be ready to try again and hopefully we can get some running room because once this filly starts rolling there is no stopping her!

    Cliffs of Dover is back and we'll see him in the entries next week along with I Love You Still. Alabama Bound has a race coming up around the middle of the month or sooner, if it's offered as an extra. With this warm weather, we may have turf for an extended period of time so please only rain dancing on Sunday evenings! If you see one of our horses in the entries, go down and cheer them on and don't forget to put a sheckle or two on them because by the way they are training, we've got some live ones coming up. Good Luck and Safe Racing to all!