We're trying to gear up for the fall and wouldn’t you know it, we had to scratch because of a little bit of rain. When it rains in the fall, it takes a little more time for the moisture to get out of the grass and with moisture in the grass, the horses hooves tear it up. Even though theoretically this all makes sense, the little bit of rain we got the other day on Long Island didn’t seem to merit our race coming off the turf but it is what it is. As you can’t argue with mother nature, the umpires in baseball or the refs in football, you can’t argue with the racing secretaries office at Beautiful Belmont Park. So we move forward but as it is very quiet in Saratoga, I mean very quiet, I was looking forward to a road trip down to Belmont. I'll be there the next time we enter a horse which should be very soon.

    We’ve got Khaleesi Kat gearing up and Aussie Awakening is on deck, as well as Alabama Bound, who was victorious in Saratoga, looking at a race next Friday. Cliffs of Dover, our other Saratoga champion, is also well on his way back to a race. This is all good because with the crazy hot weather we've been experiencing this year, I’m hoping the turf season extends right through to December! Will we get another warm winter? Not according to the Farmer’s Almanac. But we charge forward and hope for the best and cheer for victory!

    Looking forward into the near future our 2yo’s are coming along very well with our "Grey Streak" getting ready for a trip north and the big dark Mineshaft filly is well on her way to shipping to the Oklahoma training track soon. Satisfy will be on a van ride north in the next few days to greet all of her admirers. She's training like a very good horse and with her credentials should give us all some thrills and maybe put a little money in our pockets! Hopes and dreams for the future that’s what keeps us all going, that and a little bit of luck!