From the Rail at Belmont Park

    We're on our way down to Belmont Park. The long distance commuting commences as it always does once Saratoga is dormant for another year. Sometimes Belmont Park is more beautiful in the fall with lots of racing opportunities especially with horses coming off a good race at Saratoga. I might as well head south as they have run everybody out of the Spa on a rail and it looks like a ghost town compared to just last weekend.

    Rather than sit around and wait, we got in the the car and are heading South for some fun and excitement. I really enjoy racing on the championship oval, the only mile and a half racetrack in the country, where many horses on the grounds are already champions and where triple Crown Winners are made. Another nice perk when you visit is you don't have to worry about the table on the porch, the clubhouse seats, a box or being crowded out on the turf terrace because there is plenty of room for everyone. 

    We've got Sanctify in the 4th tomorrow but it's a tough race. The usual suspects with the winner of our last start in again to try and steal another one. But you've got to be in it to win it and racing is sooooo much fun. If you get tired of the static on TVG get in the car and head south. It's the fall place to be. Good luck to everyone! We've got the weather and a new turf surface so it should be fabulous. Win, lose or draw, you will probably find us at King Umberto's. Join us for some osso buco and chianti!