The Midsummer Derby

 The biggest day in racing in the sleepy little town of Saratoga Springs is tomorrow: the Midsummer Derby, The Travers! The place is already buzzing with new faces and old friends arriving by carloads and bus loads! The restaurants are already booked and not taking reservations until Monday and the hotels all have no vacancy signs out! If you're not here you're, no where! Come on folks, it’s still the summer place to be! All the King’s horses and all the King's men are here and ready to run their tushy’s off tomorrow with a full card of racing starting at 11:30AM. If you want a picnic table, best be at the gate by day break and have a place in mind because there will be a mad dash to that coveted spot! Alas the running of the Travers is bitter sweet because we're close to the end of another glorious meet. We're looking for a couple of more starts next week (Wednesday) and hopefully a third win but soon it'll be a sleepy little town all over again!

    If you missed the action and you're looking to run and win next year at The Spa, take a close look at the 4 beauties we have available now!

    We are getting ready for some excitement with two of them who just shipped up from Ocala. Even though they made the long trip in the heat of summer they arrived in beautiful shape and look marvelous. They'll now train towards a race and would love to show off a little bit to anybody who stops by to see them. Be sure to call my office or my cell to make an appointment and get directions. They train at 10Am every day except Sunday! Even Horses need a day off and a day of rest!

    Don’t miss out on these two, they're Monsters!

Imagine yourself in this Winner’s Circle next year!