From the Winner's Circle at Saratoga

    The feeling, the sensation, of winning a race at Saratoga is not hard to describe. Just imagine yourself winning the Powerball lottery. It's that kind of excitement, it's that level of hilarity, it's a dream come true. From the minute your horse crosses the wire first to hugging and kissing everyone within hugging and kissing distance; the high-fives, the belly bumps, the sheer joy of it all won't ever leave you because you won, you scaled the mountaintop, surveyed your kingdom and notched a lasting fabulous memory. 

     Oh and there are physical effects when you win a race at Saratoga. Your knees get weak, your throat is sore from yelling and screaming and your heart is bursting with love and affection to whomever approaches you, no matter who they are!! It's non partisan, equal opportunity love for the whole world.

     That's what is was like this past Wednesday when our filly Alabama Bound came bounding down the stretch to win going away in the 4th race at The Spa. In only her fifth race, she already knows how to run. She knows how to break sharp, control the pace and save her energy until it's time to turn on the after burners when she needs it at the top of the stretch. She's fabulous, the owners are elated, the whole world is wonderful.

    Congratulations to all and get ready for some more fun on Sunday when Khaleesi Kat runs in the fifth race and Cliffs of Dover runs in the seventh race at The Spa. They are both ready and both should be very live in these two spots. Good luck to all and if we get lucky again and you're around, feel free to join us for another winning celebration. We love fun people, fast horses and winning at The Spa!