Countdown to Opening Day at The Spa

The time of the year is upon us when everyone in the racehorse world waits with baited breath for opening day at The Spa! In the sleepy little town of Saratoga Springs, you can see things unwrapping like Christmas morning. Familiar stores getting ready for the crowds, restaurants ramping up, hiring extra help and putting the final finishing touches on improvements they've made over the winter. It's like the President or the Queen of England are coming to town, only bigger. About 500,000 presidents and their first ladies all at once. 

    There are last minute projects still being completed on the front side of the race track. It looks like we’ve finally got a new escalator! Hopefully not too many changes, after all it is Saratoga. The racecourse has stood the test of time for 156 years just fine, thank you very much!

    Many out of town trainers have arrived getting their horses bedded down in stalls that have been empty all year. They are hustling and bustling around town trying to find the new house they rented and get settled before the madness starts. 40 days of racing with only one day off each week, going out every night with clients and friends, then sales week with the horse auctions... it’s a marathon! 

    Hotels are booked and evening dinner reservations are already made for those who plan ahead. Sheesh wouldn’t that be nice to be able to plan ahead like that? I don’t even know what's going on this afternoon!

    Oh wait, I just remembered! We have a horse running at 5:45 at Beautiful Belmont Park! Hold on mates, Let’s not forget about Beautiful Belmont Park with three days of racing in the spring meet still to go. We’ve got a live one in the 9th race today. I Love You Still will be breaking from the 1 hole (Ouch!) and going for it. We’ve dropped back a 1/2 furlong and added blinkers. We’ve also put a real aggressive youngster on her back by the name of Angel. Let's hope this angel has wings! Good Luck to all and safe trip as always to the brave pilots of these game and wonderful steeds!

     One more week and we'll be off at The Spa. If you're in town stop by 73 Henry Street and introduce yourself! Don’t be bashful, you might get a tour of the backstretch or a pint at the Pub. You never know what’s in store at the greatest race place in the world!