Three weeks

    Three weeks. Three weeks you wait between races. Twenty one long, apprehensive days. Twenty one days to dream about being in the winner’s circle. Two weeks to see how the pre-race work is. Two weeks to figure out whether the work was too fast, just good enough or not impressive. Should you start to worry now? Three days to see who the competition is when the race entries are posted. Three days to worry about the post position. Three days to think of every possible scenario and really dive deep into the DRF PPs and get to know every hair and every move of your competition.

    The morning of the race, no news is good news! In the paddock, he’s acting classy as usual. That’s a good sign and he looks fabulous! Good weight, great shine, wonderful attitude, a happy horse! Holy shamolly, this could be it! This could be the day we get our picture taken.

    The regular jock comes out with our silks on and we're ready to roll. Up they go out of the saddling paddock and on to the track. He warms up great and in the gate they go. He loads perfect and waits patiently like a real pro while all the others load. The gates open! He breaks fine and is moving in good position down the back side. Then the jock asks him and he doesn’t respond. Oh NO! Not again! Wait, what? He threw a shoe? He came out of the race foot sore? Well that explains it! 

    Here we go again. Three weeks. Three weeks you wait for the next race! The only savior is the next race will be at the Spa! The Mecca! The Holy Grail of Racing!

    Hey, nobody said it would be easy. Patience is a virtue! A pint every once in awhile helps too!