Holy moley!

You’ve got to see this race. We have the most aggressively courageous filly in Alabama Bound. Not only courageous, but very smart. She has developed a real sense of pace going a distance of ground on the turf which for a young inexperienced horse is quite rare. In her race last Sunday, the 9th race at Beautiful Belmont Park, she broke sharp and took the lead. Once on the lead, she relaxed and got into a nice easy rhythm. When I saw the first split come up as 24 and change I was very excited. Not only that, but she was allowed to coast along with no challengers. This is important as this allowed her to gallop with no pressure, like a walk in the park. Then the half time came up as 49 and change and I was even more excited. Bam Bam, as we refer to her, was getting away with a very easy pace with no challengers and would have plenty left for the stretch drive. Oh but here comes the even money favorite looming up on her out side right at the top of the stretch. Uh oh, they’ve been talking about this one all day, the fancy breeding, the hefty purchase price, her last race in open company, oh boy. She comes to the throat latch of our horse but lo and behold Bam Bam battles back is never headed all the way down the stretch and keeps her neck stretched out to get to the wire...

...a horse (#1 Kat Zippity) who took a left handed turn out of the gate had to start all over again which put her 20 lengths out of it comes roaring down the middle of the track to just get up and nip us at the wire. Talk about frustrating! Talk about a filly doing everything right and giving a gut wrenching winning performance and still losing the race. As is my usual case after a race like this, I was hoarse (not horse), actually shaking and at the same time in shock! That point just before the wire, the last possible moment, that last inch of racetrack I thought, I knew we were winners! Alas it was not meant to be. Another close second and another valiant effort. The good news is (and you always have to find a silver lining in a dark cloud) this sets us up for The Spa big time and that’s when everyone and their mothers, brothers and sisters show up. This is when it really counts and this is where we shine! Coming off a big meet last year, with wins on opening and closing day, we will be loaded for bear this year too. If you see any of our horse’s entered, join us in the paddock to get revved up! It's better than coffee, a 5 hour energy drink and Viagra and you don’t have to worry about the ambulance ride if the stuff backfires!

So take a look at this exciting race and what's even more interesting is we have the 1/2 sister to the winner being syndicated right now!

Have a great weekend and raise a glass for Bam Bam! She’ll be back!