It's Belmont stakes time at Beautiful Belmont Park

Horses have dropped off to the wayside and horses have sat on the sidelines waiting for the mile and a half marathon. You'd think closers would have an advantage but as we saw last year with American Pharoah that doesn't always hold water.

When I think of the Belmont Stakes, one horse comes to mind: The great Secretariat whose track record still stands for the mile and a ½ at Big Sandy! His name has become synonymous with the third leg of the triple crown and if you look closely at the ½ mile pole coming into the final turn you can almost hear from the clouds: “He is moving like a tremendous machine”...... It never ceases to give me goose bumps just thinking about that stupendous show of utter dominance!

Despite no fight for the triple crown, it still looks like a very exciting race. That, with the questionable forecast, will really test the best of punters. But that's okay because it opens it up for a long-shot to come from out of the clouds and pay big!

We had another great turnout at our Belmont Handicapping extravaganza last night and our three experts made these picks:

Jeff Carle

11. Exaggerator

10. Lani

2. Destin

4. Suddenbreakingnews


Tom Amello

5. Stradivari

4. Suddenbreakingnews



Trodder Furlong

5. Stradivari

3. Cherry Wine

4. Suddenbreakingnews

I, of course, like Suddenbreakingnews because the last time he ran in the Derby he came from 19th and 22 lengths out of the clouds and after a terrible trip got 5th by 4 and was still closing after the wire. I also like him because I always loved Mineshaft. Enough in fact, to purchase one of his very pretty and athletic daughters who we are in the process of syndicating. This filly is already showing signs of class and determination so watch out, Mineshaft may have some more sudden breaking news when this filly hits the racetrack later this Summer!

Hopes and Dreams, that's what keeps us going in this business... hopes and dreams and a pint every once in awhile!