The Derby

The Derby. The Derby is like Christmas in May and as always the best betting race of the year. Why? Because no matter what anyone says (and they say a lot) nobody has a clue who will win. If you like a long shot don’t let anybody talk you off it. If you pick by numbers or colors or you bet all the grey horses well go ahead with that too!

I got in deep deep trouble once not coupling all my wife’s “Are you crazy?” long shots and they all came in 1,2,3,4. She went home with about a grand but we missed out on a $1,000,000,000 super. Even if I just played the tri it would have been $100,000 and the exacta? A cool $10,000. I will never poo-poo my darling lovely hubby’s choices again! To make it worse, we were at the race track and like all public displays of debauchery peppered with celebratory contests of alcohol consumption the news traveled fast and it got around that some lucky person had all 4 in a row! To add insult to injury the big pay off number got back to her no matter how hard I tried to deflect the attention! Talk about feeling like the GOAT! Ah shudda cudda wudda... hey we’re still together, but it was close!

In our humble stable we’ve got some legitimate Derby fever with Gun Runner (by Candy Ride sire of Sizzling Satisfy) and Suddenbreaking news (By Mineshaft sire of the stunning Nehantic Kat filly) and if you want to reach a little, we’ve got Brody’s Cause (sire Giants Causeway full brother to Freud, the sire of our Silver Streak; Reely Misbehaving). So we’ve got Skin in the game and rooting causes across the board! As we always do, we will bet with our hearts instead of our heads. We will throw these in with the big favorite NyQuist (who I love but won’t get a price) and hope one of ours comes out of the clouds to nip him at the wire and make the numbers explode! It's always great to have BIG payoffs on this BIG day! For some reason people remember the Big Day better going home with a bit of jingle in their jangle!

See you tomorrow at the Pub where the experts will try their best to hit the bullseye on the dart board or just throw a bowl of spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks (I am really hungry right now and spaghetti just popped into my head and sounds real good)

Good Luck to all and have one on ME on the greatest day in racing in the whole wild world!

Happy 142!!