The Preakness is history

As always we move onto the Belmont Stakes at Beautiful Belmont Park. Not to take anything away from Exaggerator, but I was heartbroken with the outcome of the race. I felt Nyquist could win despite the odds against him and we'd be looking forward to another Triple Crown contender. With all the excuses being thrown around, I would have to say that the horse did the best he could with what mother nature and the fast pace threw at him. I've seen horses change their running style when track surfaces change. In this case he had never raced in the slop before so I imagine he felt the best way to tackle the slop was to go all out. That was the signal he was given from the gate and that was the way he ran the race.

We had a really consistent horse back in the late 80's. His name was Weather Front. This horse was so consistent he was like a bi-monthly paycheck. 10 wins, 9 seconds and 7 thirds with earnings of just under $100,000, he was voted claimer of the year at Finger Lakes Race track! When the track was dry or good he would walk out of the gate be dead last then get in gear and Boom; get them at the wire. When the track was off or slop, he would break on top like a rocket and go wire to wire or try to anyway. Funny how this horse just knew what the track condition was and adjusted accordingly. Good horses are smart and smart horses are good and Jocks are along for the ride.

This is turning out to be a lot like the year Point Given lost the Derby but won the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. Exaggerator has the running style to pull off the mile and a 1/2 marathon so it should be exciting to see who his challengers will be. I'd like to see the Candy Ride horse, Unified trained by Jimmy Jerkens, show up but it looks like he'll head to the Pegasus on the 19th.

PGR may have another nice one in Alabama Bound who just got nipped at the wire yesterday in the 5th race at The BIG B! She took the lead in a mile and a 1/16th turf event and was able to relax on the lead. As a result, she slowed the pace to a 24, open 1/4 and a 48, 1/2 which is what she needed to save some gas in the tank for the battle to the wire. The favorite as expected and touted by all the talking heads (who are experts at picking a short price horses) came to her at the 1/4 pole but Bam Bam battled back and got nipped just at the wire. It looks easy and most people expect horses to automatically “get it” but most times they don’t and have to learn it. Some never do but this one was born with the God given spirit to win and win she will! So watch for her next start and save those shekels because this one will get the Big win soon!

Good Luck to Cliffs of Dover later today in the 6th at Beautiful Belmont Park (Post time 4pm) and Sanctify tomorrow in the 9th at 5:45 PM. I’m so excited I can’t stand it, so I'll sit back down and I'll have another! Don't mind if I so! I might have 2!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!