He’s got the whole world in his hands

It's Preakness time and the excitement builds for the second leg of the Triple Crown! It looks to be a very exciting race, but as it is the focus every year, everyone’s eyes are on the favorite! Can Nyquist carry the torch forward to Beautiful Belmont Park and give us all reason to hope scream and cheer for another triple crown contender? I think the horse can do it here's why...

If you watch the replay of the Derby and you can see Nyquist breaks real sharp. He inherits the very early lead by default and then was asked very gently, very quietly, to ease off the pedal and throttle down his forward momentum and let the outside horse have the lead. It was right there where he won the race. The horse is a push button horse. When the jock asks him to settle, he settles, when the jock asks him to go, he goes. 

Again, looking at the Derby replay watch how subtle Mario’s hands move to get Nyquist to settle into a good stalking position. Going into the first turn, his hands are motionless and quiet. They are essentially sitting in his lap the whole way around the track until the top of the stretch where he rouses the horse into high gear. Everyone else is whipping and driving. It's a bit of a bad sign when going down the backside coming into the far turn Jocks are running their hands up and down the necks of there charges so early in the final drive to the wire. That means they already feel like they need to make the horse work. Not Good. So what do I mean by quiet hands? In the movie Black Stallion (one of my favorites) Mickey Rooney sits on a bale of straw and describes the riding style of the “Ice Man”. "He just sits there, sits chilly with his hands low sitting chilly, like this; see? Waiting, just waiting till the last minute, waiting for the right moment, like he’s got ice in his veins, that's why they call him the Ice Man."

Look at last years Haskel, Victor never moves his hands. Calvin Borrell on Rachel in the Oaks, he never moves his hands. That’s confidence knowing you’ve got a lot of horse. That’s sitting chilly. When you ride a horse like that, you have the whole world in your hands! Nyquist controlled the Derby and I think he'll do the same in the Preakness. The rest will be chasing him around the track! Can he get the mile and a 1/2 at Big Sandy? I don’t know but I think he can definitely put the Preakness in his pocket. Go Nyquist, show’m what your made of! Give us another Triple Crown Challenge!

Uh Oh! I’ve got to sit back down in my chair and stop cheering in to thin air. Who cares, it’s a Preakness party right here! Who needs the infield?! Hey Darlin', I’ll have another!