Nyquist, wow what a horse!

Did they hit the genetic lottery with that one or what? Looks like a strong contender for the Preakness. I sure hope he can pull it off because then it's on to a BIG BELMONT celebration! The Derby really wakes everyone up and gets them out of hibernation, doesn’t it? Now all you need is a race horse to really give you the flavor.

Babies babies babies, that exactly what we’ve got; Babies!  We’ve got 2yos, we always start with 2yo’s. After all, you have to start somewhere! Just because we start with 2yo’s, doesn’t mean they are going to run as 2yo’s. Very few horses run as 2yo’s and if you are lucky enough to win, you’ll probably sit on the sidelines waiting for an allowance condition forever because there aren't enough winning 2yo’s to fill the next condition. So then the tendency is to go right into a stake race because there isn’t anywhere else to run. If you've got a star, you're in good shape because then it's up the ladder until you stub your toe. If not, you end up running for the sake of running. Not a good scenario from a management point of view because if you catch a buzz saw you are probably going to get your head handed to you and then where do you go?

Yes some horses are precocious and will run early. If someone in the family did, others may follow. You can probably get a good idea from looking at their female family to see if anybody started and scored as a freshman. Maybe the mother was a 2yo speed ball or the 1/2 sisters or brothers all won early. If you have a mature baby from that same family, hopefully with an early foaling date, then the 2yo force is strong with you. But that isn’t any guarantee and it's about training and looking at each horse as an individual. As much as it's a physical maturity thing, it's more a mind and desire to win thing. Or better yet that, “Holy moley! I get it now! I've got to beat these other horses asses” light goes on!

We all assume because we breed these horses to run that it’s an automatic! Well guess what? Some of them don’t! The light just doesn’t go on. Many enjoy just running around the track for the heck of it. “Okay you guys, wow this is fun, yeah you go ahead I'm okay here, this is great, look at all of us just cruising around this big dirt circle all together. Oh my God! That was exhausting, Can’t wait till dinner!"

The horses I love are the big, giant, tall, long, rangy, long distance turf horses or 2 turn dirt handicap leviathans. You know the ones; they walk by you going into the paddock and blot out the sun. With each step the ground shakes. When they winnie the air fills with the roar of lions and grown men weep. Yes, thems the ones I really get excited about. Now to get them there, to get them to race year after year and win the big races, you can’t be rushing them. You're not training them to win the next race, you are trying to develop them in to major leaguers, the big boys, the ones that look down upon the track like they own it! It takes time and yes, these horses have always been referred to as the "rich man’s" horses because it just takes a bit longer for them to get there and time is money in this game. But oh how sweet it is when they get there! So take a breath, take your time, give them time off when they need it, give them a break once a year (MLB and NFL get a break) and you shall be rewarded. It's all worth it! Man I'm just peeked just thinking about it. Hey Barkeep, I'll have another!