What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

It’s Spring, and everyone is so damn excited about running their horses on the beautiful green turf at Beautiful Belmont Park. Maybe your horse just came up from Florida, maybe he’s only had four of five published works in New York, but that doesn’t matter, you’ve got the Belmont condition book online! The holy grail! The new testament! The bible from which every fledgling owner gets to peruse through and dream about moments of greatness. Sure we all know that Belmont is just the warm up, the trial run, for a visit to the most expensive piece of real estate in the whole world, the winners circle at Saratoga Racecourse. And no matter how plump you are, you see yourself as the dapper, slim, 30-something, proud owner of the winner of the 9th race any day at the Spa. So you’re looking at this condition book and you’re saying, “Oh my gosh! Here’s the perfect race. The right distance, the right surface, and the right condition. Are we going to be in it? Should I make hotel reservations? Can I still get the corner round table at King Humberto’s on Hempstead Avenue? Will osso buco be a special on the menu that day? Will all the stars align as our wondrous stead comes thundering down the stretch to gain and win the big prize?”

Okay let me text my trusty racing manager, Tom. “I see a race for Sanctify next week. I want to make reservations. Will he be entered?” Tom says, “He’s not quite ready yet. We’re one breeze away from entering but, Bill is looking for a race.” You think to yourself, “OMG will this horse ever be ready? Will he ever race again? What’s taking so long? It’s May for crying out loud! If we don’t get going, we’ll never make the Spa!” but really say, “Okay Tom, no problem.”

So the moral of the story is patience is definitely an important virtue for any horse owner. Because it’s not about when you’re going to be there or when you’re ready, it’s about when the horse is ready because it’s all about the horse. And if you live life by the rhythm of Mother Nature, you’ll live longer anyway.