Insider tips

Every time I tell people that I'm involved with horse racing, the first thing out of their mouths is, "So do you have any tips?" This week because we've entered a very capable and good horse by the name of Cliffs of Dover, I thought I'd give you a little tip. Here’s some inside information to help you if you may want to put a small wager on this very capable steed.

Cliff is a strong horse with the will to win. We are still trying to teach him a thing or two and it shows in his form. I’m thinking he'll probably get bet down to around 6 to 1. If he goes any lower that's because there's a group of enthusiastic PGR owners and members at Gulfstream Park cheering him on. There's nothing more fun then watching your horse race and you’ll always put a little bit more on the horse than you should. If you've ever gone shopping in a fancy delicatessen with an empty stomach just before lunch, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Now this is a very proud and determined horse! Cliffs of Dover doesn't much like being told what to do. His tendency (just like his mom before him) will be to take hold of the bit at the break and run as fast as he can. With the group he is in against, that wouldn't be a good strategy. We want to win this race or come in the money. Place or show is always nice as it just may bail out a thrifty punter .

This race sets up pretty nicely for Cliff because he's breaking from the outside post. With speed horses inside of him, they will likely go for the lead. Our hope is that Julien “Light hands" Leparoux will take back a tad right out of the gate and place Cliff as close to the rail as he can behind the leaders.The nice thing about horses is they are herd animals. Now if it's a horse’s arse in front of you it should slow you down nes pa? So if Julian can get him down on the rail and he accepts it, then he may very possibly relax for the first part of the race. The plan would be to sit chilly down the backstretch until the field turns for a home, kick him out from the rail at the 1/4 pole and close like a freight train on the leaders.

Don’t get me wrong there are some good horses in here, but this horse has demonstrated the ability to be competitive at this level. If all goes well, we'll walk away with a win and you'll walk away with more shekels then you started with. If we don’t, well it will be an exciting race just the same because there is nothing like a closer to get your arse out of the seat!

Good luck to all our readers out there and just remember with horse racing you can never have enough of it... Luck that is!