Hello everybody out in racehorse land!

I just thought I would take a moment between pints to clarify some information that might be useful to the youngsters out there, who are jumping out of their jodhpurs, waiting for their horse to get into just the right spot.

At some point in a horse’s career, you'll get to know what distance he or she likes and what surface he or she prefers. Then it's just a matter of waiting for the magic moment when everything comes together. Now at certain times of the year at certain racetracks the distance of the races offered in the condition book may be adjusted to the size of the racetrack. Case in point; if you're brave enough to weather the winter storms in New York at The Big A, you will notice that on the inner track two distances are preferred and written more than any other. The 6 furlong sprint and the mile and 70 route. Now if you have a horse like we do, by the name of Rectify, who has won at 7 furlongs and certainly prefers a distance longer than six we are sort of stuck with what we have and not what we ultimately want. So the question is, why do we continue to run at 6 furlongs when we know the horse would prefer to go just a tad longer? To quote his Hall of Fame trainer Mr. Bill Mott "horses do not give milk or lay eggs" so if they are healthy you run them. It just so happens that Rectify is training as good as he ever has, is looking as good as he ever has as well as eating and acting as well as he ever has, so we run.

Once the inner track closes and the race distances change we will be ready. But for a strong, healthy and happy equine athlete, it's always better to run then sit on the sidelines daydreaming like a wallflower about the beautiful one that got away.

That’s it for this weeks query, send in your comments and questions to PGR@PartingGlassRacing.com