This last race was a nail biter. Khaleesi Kat broke sharp, collected herself getting into a very nice long striding rhythm going down the back side. She had no traffic, but the early fractions were, as we say in the business, pedestrian. As in SLOW. That doesn't help a closer and it certainly didn't help us. At the top of the stretch Khaleesi Kat veered out and launched her bid and started gobbling up the race track. Here she comes bounding down the lane with a nice burst of speed and forward momentum and wouldn't you know it the wire gets here before she does. As you can see in the picture above, she go beat for the whole enchilada by 1/2 a length and was part of a 4 horse photo. She ran her race and just couldn't get there. Khaleesi Kat was free running in a spot that made her feel comfortable but at the end of the race ran out of room. She really needs to probably go longer but unfortunately they don't write races at a distance like that any more and if they do those races don't fill. It's a quandary that we will try and rectify, but it's a tough one. Like her mother, Nehantic Kat she can run all day and can wear anybody out over a distance of ground but it's getting the distance of ground to run on which is the problem. In three weeks she will be ready to try again and hopefully we can get some running room because once this filly starts rolling there is no stopping her!

    Cliffs of Dover is back and we'll see him in the entries next week along with I Love You Still. Alabama Bound has a race coming up around the middle of the month or sooner, if it's offered as an extra. With this warm weather, we may have turf for an extended period of time so please only rain dancing on Sunday evenings! If you see one of our horses in the entries, go down and cheer them on and don't forget to put a sheckle or two on them because by the way they are training, we've got some live ones coming up. Good Luck and Safe Racing to all!

    We're trying to gear up for the fall and wouldn’t you know it, we had to scratch because of a little bit of rain. When it rains in the fall, it takes a little more time for the moisture to get out of the grass and with moisture in the grass, the horses hooves tear it up. Even though theoretically this all makes sense, the little bit of rain we got the other day on Long Island didn’t seem to merit our race coming off the turf but it is what it is. As you can’t argue with mother nature, the umpires in baseball or the refs in football, you can’t argue with the racing secretaries office at Beautiful Belmont Park. So we move forward but as it is very quiet in Saratoga, I mean very quiet, I was looking forward to a road trip down to Belmont. I'll be there the next time we enter a horse which should be very soon.

    We’ve got Khaleesi Kat gearing up and Aussie Awakening is on deck, as well as Alabama Bound, who was victorious in Saratoga, looking at a race next Friday. Cliffs of Dover, our other Saratoga champion, is also well on his way back to a race. This is all good because with the crazy hot weather we've been experiencing this year, I’m hoping the turf season extends right through to December! Will we get another warm winter? Not according to the Farmer’s Almanac. But we charge forward and hope for the best and cheer for victory!

    Looking forward into the near future our 2yo’s are coming along very well with our "Grey Streak" getting ready for a trip north and the big dark Mineshaft filly is well on her way to shipping to the Oklahoma training track soon. Satisfy will be on a van ride north in the next few days to greet all of her admirers. She's training like a very good horse and with her credentials should give us all some thrills and maybe put a little money in our pockets! Hopes and dreams for the future that’s what keeps us all going, that and a little bit of luck!

From the Rail at Belmont Park

    We're on our way down to Belmont Park. The long distance commuting commences as it always does once Saratoga is dormant for another year. Sometimes Belmont Park is more beautiful in the fall with lots of racing opportunities especially with horses coming off a good race at Saratoga. I might as well head south as they have run everybody out of the Spa on a rail and it looks like a ghost town compared to just last weekend.

    Rather than sit around and wait, we got in the the car and are heading South for some fun and excitement. I really enjoy racing on the championship oval, the only mile and a half racetrack in the country, where many horses on the grounds are already champions and where triple Crown Winners are made. Another nice perk when you visit is you don't have to worry about the table on the porch, the clubhouse seats, a box or being crowded out on the turf terrace because there is plenty of room for everyone. 

    We've got Sanctify in the 4th tomorrow but it's a tough race. The usual suspects with the winner of our last start in again to try and steal another one. But you've got to be in it to win it and racing is sooooo much fun. If you get tired of the static on TVG get in the car and head south. It's the fall place to be. Good luck to everyone! We've got the weather and a new turf surface so it should be fabulous. Win, lose or draw, you will probably find us at King Umberto's. Join us for some osso buco and chianti!

From the Porch at Saratoga

    So we closed out the 2016 Saratoga meet with two close finishes, two tough losses, too late to run back and too darn bad that the meet is almost over. It’s that time of the year when barns start to empty out, vans are going to and fro, and people are either counting their winnings or trying to figure out how they're going to get even. I’ve got to admit it’s pretty depressing. Tuesday it'll be a ghost town and that’s even more depressing. Now I start commuting to Beautiful Belmont Park to see our horses get back on a winning track! Not that our record was bad up here with two wins, a 4th and an also ran for 4 starts not counting the 2nd and the 4th yesterday for the other horses I manage for other stables. Speaking of the two yesterday; Aussie Awakening ran a huge second almost getting to the wire first before getting collared by the favorite at the wire. I was jumping up and down ready to sprint to the Winner’s Circle and then from out of the clouds we got nipped at the wire. It was a huge improvement for her and moved the filly way up.

    Khaleesi Kat got left in the gate all the way out in left field (the 10 hole) but still rallied for a close 4th getting beat 2 noses for 2nd (photo finish above) this poor filly has had some hard luck rides the last two starts and deserves to win this condition so keep your eyes on her when she runs back at Belmont Park.  We'll be seeing Alabama Bound, Cliffs of Dover, Sanctify and I Love You Still in the entries as well as some of our new 2yo’s. So get ready for more exciting action this fall at the Belmont Fall Championship meet.

    As for Saratoga, it’s always a rush to get ready, a rush to get in the entries, run as many as you can squeeze in, win some, lose some then wonder where the time went and why it has to end so soon. And how the heck with all the running around, the waking at the crack of dawn andthen staying out late did I gain 10lbs when I should've lost 20? That’s another whole story! It's been a great meet and thanks to all of our enthusiastic and patient owners for enjoying the highs and getting through the lows with a smile! Like I always say: Saratoga has been around for 156 years it will be back for 157!

    So be there or be square and imagine yourself in this Winner’s Circle next year!

The Midsummer Derby

 The biggest day in racing in the sleepy little town of Saratoga Springs is tomorrow: the Midsummer Derby, The Travers! The place is already buzzing with new faces and old friends arriving by carloads and bus loads! The restaurants are already booked and not taking reservations until Monday and the hotels all have no vacancy signs out! If you're not here you're, no where! Come on folks, it’s still the summer place to be! All the King’s horses and all the King's men are here and ready to run their tushy’s off tomorrow with a full card of racing starting at 11:30AM. If you want a picnic table, best be at the gate by day break and have a place in mind because there will be a mad dash to that coveted spot! Alas the running of the Travers is bitter sweet because we're close to the end of another glorious meet. We're looking for a couple of more starts next week (Wednesday) and hopefully a third win but soon it'll be a sleepy little town all over again!

    If you missed the action and you're looking to run and win next year at The Spa, take a close look at the 4 beauties we have available now!

    We are getting ready for some excitement with two of them who just shipped up from Ocala. Even though they made the long trip in the heat of summer they arrived in beautiful shape and look marvelous. They'll now train towards a race and would love to show off a little bit to anybody who stops by to see them. Be sure to call my office or my cell to make an appointment and get directions. They train at 10Am every day except Sunday! Even Horses need a day off and a day of rest!

    Don’t miss out on these two, they're Monsters!

Imagine yourself in this Winner’s Circle next year!